The Monash University Student Union (MONSU) Peninsula aims to enhance the university experience of students through a variety of regular events, services & support programs. Student Council consists of elected student representatives who represent all Peninsula campus students on the important issues that affect all university students. MONSU Peninsula provides free food & activities during various themed weeks throughout the semester such as Orientation Week, Student Survival Week, Stress Less Week and Diversity Week, as well as our weekly BBQs – MONSU Mondays. MONSU also provides Student Welfare programs like Breakfast Club, Tucker Trolley, Placement Relief Fund, Food Bank and Student Rights & Support. 

MONSU Peninsula endeavours to make the year fun and exciting, primarily based on what you, the students, would like to see and participate in. So if you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to come in and say hi to any of the Student Representatives or contact us via our Facebook page.